Family Counselling in London
Emotional and psychological issues? Crisis in your life?

Often a crisis in life precipitates the desire to talk to a specialist. Sometimes family and relationship concerns, stress and anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, anger, panic attacks, loss of purpose, overwork, workplace problems, multicultural problems, identity problems, psychosomatic ills ... and general dissatisfaction with life start the process of  seeking help through a difficult time.

We believe that everyone has a wiser, deeper self that knows what is required to unfold and develop. It is my task to help you discover your light of awareness, improve you performance and release your true potential.

To facilitate such awareness, a safe space needs to be created through the therapeutic relationship - and by using creativity and imagination the 'essential self' can be heard.

Together we will be looking at your life, the adversities you face, we will be developing plans, finding solutions and seeking meaning. It all depends on your needs and goals.

To discuss how counselling/psychotherapy might work for you, contact me by email or telephone:

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