Family Counselling in London

Other difficulties that we experience in life can be more general concerns such as feelings of depression, a lack of confidence, low self-esteem.

It could be relationship problems that re-occur or one of the many other issues that can happen in repeating cycles, stress, anxiety or panic attacks.

All these can benefit greatly from psychotherapy - a gentle investigation into how our past has created thoughts, values, beliefs and responses without us even being aware of it.

By releasing yourself from these old ways of processing you can find new ways to deal with your troublesome issues - if, after this process, they still exist!


You can ask lots of questions to see if your therapist is the right fit for you.

Consider asking questions like these:

Are you a member of the BACP or licensed ?
What is your educational and training background?
What is your experience with my type of problem?
How much do you charge?
Are your services covered by my health insurance?
Where is your office, and what are your hours?
How long is each session?
How often are sessions scheduled?
How many sessions should I expect to have?
What is your policy on canceled sessions?
How can I contact you if I have an emergency?