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If you are prepared to spend time, effort and self discipline to be free of your problem then you will be!

Safe, non-judgemental environment

In our work, the creating of a safe, non-judgemental environment is crucial and empowerment and autonomy of the individual, paramount. I believe that everyone has a real self that knows what is required to unfold and develop. My role is simply to help you awaken this self awareness and listen to what this deeper self wishes to manifest. To facilitate such awareness, a safe space needs to be created through the therapeutic relationship - and by using creativity and imagination the 'essential self' can be heard.

Your Initial Sessions

It is important that you feel comfortable with the counsellor/psychotherapist with whom you wish to explore your difficulties or further development. Additionally, you may wish to find out more about counselling/psychotherapy and discuss whether it is appropriate for you and supports your process.

The first three sessions are free, thereafter you pay £50 per session.

Why is it free?

We believe that people can have a better idea about therapy if they try it first! If you are really worried whether therapy is for you, attending three therapy sessions (free of charge) might be helpful to give you an idea of the process. It s better than not seeking any support at all.

Please call for an informal discussion and to get further details. In the first session we will be able to meet in an informal atmosphere and discuss your particular problem in a confidential and private manner. During this session the best type of therapy suited to you will be explained and all your questions answered.

We also offer counselling in your home or office or by phone.

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